For obscure and slightly anal reasons, I keep a ride diary. This is last nights’ entry.

Install positive attitude at 7am. Get on bike. Ride what feels like carefully to work ignoring possible race situations. HRM going crazy pinging away “Hummingbird”. Cannot understand why this is as I’m not pushing it. Get to work, max HR 188, Average 156 over 20 minute ride with some stops for lights.

Have shower. Feel like shit all day with non wheezy lungs apparently lacking sufficient oxygen. Go to pub at lunchtime for relaxation pint. Feel a bit better for about an hour then miserable. Get back on bike at 4:30. Peer at HRM in gloom and nearly sideswipe London bus. Take it mega mega easy (get passed by two people, THIS NEVER HAPPENS), HR reports “mouse possible gerbil”. Arrive at station, max HR 171, Av 139. Get on train grumpy and feeling shit. HR refuses to drop below 75 all the way home.

Get home. Grump at family. Apply second dose of beer medicine. Examine HRM, HR now 59. About same size as waistband due to lack of riding. Try to find some happiness in the fact that THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR A FUCKING MONTH AND IT’S GETTING NO BETTER. Find none. Consider possible implications of riding mountain bike on proper trails for first time since Dec 19th. North Downs at weekend. Decide to put Guildford A&E on alert in case I feel the urge to throw myself in front of speeding SUV.

I’ve had better days…

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