We didn’t start the fire..

Somehow I found time to write up the PPDS a couple of weeks ago. And while staring at a blank screen earlier waiting for inspiration, I re-read Andy Shelley’s awesome response to my throwaway metaphor about bike marketing. If you’re prepared to read the shit I write, then this is definitely worth a look – a) because it’s clever and b) because it’s short 😉

Middleburn, RaceFace, Grip-shifter, BioPace,
Eleven Speed, Single Speed, SRAM XXO,
Joe Murray, Rock Shox, Gary Fisher, Muddy Fox,
North Rocks, South Rocks, Marin & Munros,

Saracen, GT, 29 650B,
X-lite, On yer right, Monkey Bars and Fixie Shite,
Uplift, Triple crown, softail, man down,
Strava, 1×10, Going for a KOM,

We didn’t start the fire

Hope Hubs, Carbon Tubs, Coffee Stops, Dodgy Pubs
Campagnolo, Shimano, Dura Ace Block.
Proflex, Bearing Play, Elevated Chainstay
Sleepless or Mayhem, Ride around the clock

EPO, getting clean, Britain’s got a winning team
Bradley Wiggins, Chris Froome, Cavendish, stop,
Fort William, SnowFlake, Slickrock Trail, V-Brake,
Panaracer, XC racer, trouble on alp d’huez.

We didn’t start the fire

I was going to link the original lyrics, but really Billy isn’t going to scan well against Andy’s efforts.

Right that’s set the bar, next thing I write I’ll be expecting something comment-y of at least the same quality 🙂


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