Updated the bike page..


Looking for a picture of the Jake, I typed in “Kona” to my Flickr Photostream. What was returned reminded me of lots of dead relatives turning up unexpectedly for tea. I think I’m up to about 30 frames now in seven years. I don’t know for sure as a) I dare not look and b) the spreadsheet of shame has been mothballed onto a memory stick labelled “Pandora’s Electrons”

Can’t afford any more bikes. Have walls to knock down.

2 thoughts on “Updated the bike page..

  1. Alex

    It was. Both best and Stinky. Sold it to a bloke who turned up with his 13 year old son, so I assumed it was for the lad. But no, it was his dad who needed something to try and keep up with the young fella. Top man!

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