Updated the bike page and…

.. the most read articles. Not that you had a lot of choice last year as I couldn’t be arsed to write much. Except for the never-less-than-oustanding Cranked magazine. A subscription to that august publication shall absolutely enrich your life. Especially if you read everyone else’s articles first 🙂

Bike Page (hint: it’s been a busy one): here
Most read articles (probably bots): here

2 thoughts on “Updated the bike page and…

  1. Brad

    I’m clearly too cool for school or online content. I only read the nonsense your blog directly emails me. Always makes me feel like a more centered human being knowing you are still churning out the lies and excuses at 2006 volumes. Happy new year sir. Pedal up a few hills for me, I’m far too lazy.

  2. Alex

    I visit this blog less than most people, so sorry missed this 🙂 Good to hear from you/you’re still alive. I’m still pedalling up hills but frankly the mind is more willing than the body nowadays. Not giving up yet…. are you still riding?

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