My continuing fascination to splodge together two entirely inappropriate words has brought forth Trigastupidry. This is the practical – if entirely bonkers – fusion of trigonometry and stupidity.

From the sound of cow bells, it’s clearly crazy Austrians or Germans who have come up with a cunning plan to launch a man off the side of a mountain.

It’s hard to pinpoint the epicentre of stupidity here. Is it the building of a giant sod-off ramp that’ll launch a rubber suited man at close to terminal velocity into space. You’d think so wouldn’t you. But that’s not it.

Watch where he lands. The phrase “margin of error” springs to mind as does “you have to be joking”. I mean what can of mind can precisely calculate the flight, trajectory and speed of an object, and then bazooka fleshy parts into a landing zone the size of a small paddling pool.

Are Austria a Nuclear power? I think I’d better go and check. This is not the kind of people you want with their finger on the trigger of something dangerous.

Thanks to Julian for the link.

2 thoughts on “Trigostupidry.

  1. Alex

    Oh it’s a fake all right. I didn’t know it was the Evil Empire tho. Ah well still well worth a watch and bloody well done. So not like any other MS product I can think of 😉

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