Slippery little bugger isn’t it? I am fairly sure that last week it was still snowing and mostly dark, and yet here we are with the longest day barely a weekend away. This would be enough to make me grumpy as we contemplate the depressing slide into Autumn, but time has stolen more than my Spring, it’s bogged off with most of the days since as well.

I blame working for a living. Really chews up your days and eats into the light, warm nights when you really should be a) riding your bike b) drinking beer outside c) repelling the triffid invasion by deploying petrol based weaponry. And then quickly slipping back into b). I seem to be stuck with d) which involves a fairly fully time job augmented by wasting time I don’t have doing other peoples.

You may legitimately ask what they are doing instead, and you would not be alone but I have yet to receive a satisfactory answer. For which I may have to mix work and home life by implementing c) during office hours when a particularly trying situation needs resolving.

I did manage a monster end to end Malvern ride this week which started on one of the longest days of the year but still finished in darkness. The entire gamut of hills were either summited or sneakily bypassed including my favourite rocky horror tearing down 700 feet of steep bouldery ribbon before finishing on a superb rock step drop off. Right in between these two items of loveliness are a set of narrow yet very steep steps which puckered me up in all the wrong ways.

But these too were dispatched with nothing more than a clenched bottom and tightly closed eyes, before declaring to anyone who’d listen that a) it was really easy and b) no thanks I’ll not be doing them again*. Only at 9:30 and at the furthest outreach from our start did we begin to wonder how one of the riding flange was getting home un-crashed without a set of lights to his name. We did our best with a bypass of significant pointy ridge through the use of an “evening bridleway”, and a quick scoot through darkening woods to a final climb over Midsummer.

Where our brave – if foolhardy – pal was now shrouded entirely in darkness. What with it being 10:30pm. Some 100m below was his car and safety – between us and that were a second set of leafy woods letting almost none of the not very much light through. He wasn’t keen to be the meat in a Lumen Sandwich so hung onto the back of us enlightened ones and mystifyingly made his way down using the little known skill of “bark brail“.

Brilliant, brilliant ride. 1100m ish and 30ks. All that trudging through winter makes sense on an epic like that.

Sports Day topped the domestic billing today, but – predictably – I missed one child losing quite often and the other broken one watching on. But I still arrived in time for lunch and left with no phone, no watch, no gps, no water (oops) but a brief time window and a fast road bike. Just headed out in a random direction and rode until my legs were shot and my head was clear. As good as the other night, for all the wrong reasons.

Mountain Mayhem this weekend. I’ll pop in to have a laugh, and personally verify that this could be the first event in living memory where monsoons have now sunk the trails below the water table. Good luck to any nutters participating – I have been offered a cheeky lap on a slack team but any free time I have this weekend will be spent with a glass in my hand. Or possible one in each.

* Lists you see, under pressure I revert to type. Surprised I’m not accompanying this lunchtime post with a couple of beers.

2 thoughts on “Time.

  1. Dave

    time is a slippery bugger indeed..

    i was doing a physio questionaire the other week.. and realised that it’s been 9 months since i broke my back (ok now 10). I’m vaguely ok and even went for a tandem bike (quite fun, and easy to skive on the work effort) ride on holiday, round san francisco bay,, which is mostly flat. So think that the lakes stag special i’ve got booked for 2mnths hence might just be ok.. if only i had more than one gear on my bike (which i don’t).

    Still i’m better than my b’ham based mate, who apart from having to live in b’ham (and liking it). Broke his collarbone whilst riding in n.wales. This wouldn’t be so bad apart from the pain involved. If stefan, who was climbing with me when i fell, hadn’t of been there too. I’m beggining to think that he’s jinxed and should be burned at the stake..

    still 10mnths, wow, how did that pass by so quick. Yes yes,, i know lots of drugs.

    NB: I’m back to climbing stairs,, even went for a walk whilst on hols,, just don’t ask about the extra stone i’ve put on. (some might say it’s a good thing, but having to breathe in to wear suit troos is never good)

  2. Alex

    Hello Dave! Good to know you’re mostly in the right number of pieces. Sounds like you have exactly the right excuse to blame someone else for you injury. About time I fired up those Scorpion pits eh?

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