The time has come to get properly wet.

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Here’s a picture of what summer looks like. It is from the other side of the world, and taken some six months ago. I still have about a 1000 pictures from that holiday to review, consider, photoshop and then toss in the virtual dustbin. Still it does remind me that some parts of the planet have seasons other than “cold rain“, “chilly hail”3 month cloud” and “warmer rain with storms

My drive up north tomorrow is showing as a day that could – if one were tending to the exceeding charitable – be classified as sort of summery. The first day we’re out riding however has Metcheck excited over the prospect of three inches of rain, a cloudbase of zero and a maximum temperature of ten degrees. Which sets the tone for the rest of the week.

So rather than sulk about it, I’ve packed everything that is marketed as even slightly waterproof. I intend to utilise these garments in the well known layering system of wearing everything at the same time. The downside is my car is absolutely packed to the gunwales (apposite term) with stuff and my airy promise to add a person, bike and luggage to the return trip may play out as “Right Andy, it’s you or your bike

I have also managed to fit in an emergency haircut which ensures I don’t break the first rule of birthday drinks and pick up anything sharp “for a laugh” after many beers. Carol tells me my crown isn’t getting any bigger but this is somewhat offset by the retreating wave of folicles in front of it. I no longer need a hair style or even a combover – really my options are limited to a wig or a hat.

Assuming I can remember how to swim and my liver survives some serial action from the alcohol drip, I’ll be back in a week to tell of mighty epics and life threateneing situations while humming the theme from “The Man From Atlantis“.

Wish me luck, I’m going in.

6 thoughts on “The time has come to get properly wet.

  1. Rain? I don’t think we’ve seen the wost of it yet, but I don’t mind getting soaked. We get well used to that almost every year from November through to April. I can even put up with the sickening noise you get as hundreds of pounds worth of expensive aluminium, steel and titanium product is forced to grind its way through muddy millstone grit. The thing that is really getting me down is the temperature. Or lack of it.

    This is quite possibly the coldest, wettest most miserable summer I can remember. Last night I found myself in the flat buried under a mass of cushions on the sofa with the cat wondering if it was justifiable to go and turn the heating on. I decided that because it was the MIDDLE OF FUCKING AUGUST I should refrain from such a ridiculous idea. So I went and selected a beanie and returned to my makeshift den.

    All I can say is thank the Lord that I had the sense to book a trip to the Alps a few months ago. There was satisfaction in waking up to clear blue skies and weather that meant anything more than shorts and t-shirts was overkill. Probably a bit like your trip to New Zealand, I wish I hadn’t needed to come back.

  2. nickc

    Will I be hated if I mention that here in the South of France, it was today a slightly less “fucking hot” 29 degrees, as opposed to the “oh ny god I think I’ve melted” 33 it was the other day?

  3. DaveB

    Maybe…as much as me who can report 30+ temps in Sardinia for the past two weeks and plenty of MTB followed by beach action.

  4. brad

    and over here in Oregon its been 85-100F for last 9 weeks and the few rain showers have been welcome relief?? just thought Id add that. Nick do you find the dust to be quite a problem ? lol.

    Still the trails in scotland are good in all weather

  5. Alex

    Now I’m back off holiday, apparently the weather is going to be quite nice and sunny. As a testament to my increasing age and wisdom, I shall respond with a cursory “arse” and make no more of the UNFAIRNESS OF IT ALL 😉

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