The rains in Spain fall mainly on the plain.

They had better bloody not. Ok for the meteorologically challenged I’ve included the entire Sierra Nevada range in that last comment. I have this perfect picture in my head of sun kissed singletrack, warm rides and cold beer. Three out of the four weather sites insist on something different and damper. The other one is hedging it’s bets. I’m going with that one for now.

Still compared to spending another day in this (hopefully) final slap of winter, even warm rain seems almost too good to miss.

I have to pack my bike. This is likely to be a unmitigated disaster spiced up by tape which sticks to everything (cats, children, dinner) except the frame, serious bleeding due to aggressive wielding of the Stanley knife and a Michelin Man” sized bike that exceeds the volume of the bag by 20% or so. Then I’ll go and fetch the hammer, and then they’ll be an argument and before I know it, I’m taking my hardtail because I’ve beaten the 5-Spot to within an inch of its’ life.

Remember that Fawlty Towers sketch when John Cleese is birching the car: It’s not like I haven’t warned you is it, you are getting what’s coming to you, etc”. That’s a metaphor ably describing my life at the moment.

We going with these people and riding trails like this: (fotopic link LONG gone!)

Cupping my electronic ear, I’m picking up some angst racing down the information super highway. Can’t quite make it out, something like plucky flooking bar steward”.

Four days riding, beer scheduled to start at breakfast and much fun to be had with like minded friends

2 thoughts on “The rains in Spain fall mainly on the plain.

  1. Stu ate all the pies

    Take the 5 spot.

    We went out there last summer and I ragged the arse off a Patriot so much my hips, shoulders and eyeballs hurt inside their sockets. A hardtail would be unthinkable for a man of my riding skillz. And probably scrap metal at the end of the week.

    Ask Mark to show you terminal velocity gully, down the back of the disco in Pitres.

    Shat? I nearly laughed.

    You’ll like it.

  2. Alex

    Took the 5 Spot. Slight issue with the weather. There was rather too much of it especially in the light fluffy stuff. The skiers we met at the airport coming home probably had the better conditions 😉

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