That’s me told then.

Education, Education, Education” Tony Blair was prone to hurumph when we still believed, and you know he may have had a point. Not a coherent policy obviously but his point was that “kids are our future” could have had a slightly deeper meaning than appealing to core voters and being the right size for a soundbite. Then again, maybe not.

Not our kids, anyway.

Random and Verbal have taken their new playroom hostage and parental negotiation has had little part to play. They are five and seven respectively so it’s not like this mini rebellion to authority should come as any suprise is it? We’re lucky to have got this far.

Here’s their version of the constitution (since as a country, we never bothered to create one) and it’ really rather sweet.

The spelling isn’t good. Neither is the punctuation and the less said about their inability to conjugate the verb, the better. This has brought a rye smile to us as all powerful parents but guess what? We do respect it, knock and even take off our shoes and in return the room stays amazingly tidy. Compare this to the rest of the house where if I’ve not tripped over a roller skate or been decapitated by a skipping rope, I’ve assumed we’ve been burgled, this is a major step forward.

So no shoose and please nock before entering – that’s me told then.

2 thoughts on “That’s me told then.

  1. Grahame

    I hate to be pedantic (actually, that’s a lie, you and I both know I love it), but shouldn’t that be a “Wry smile”?

  2. Alex

    It may be and through the power of the ‘edit’ key I could pretend that I cared. But what with the random punctuation, oddness of verb usage and general poor standard of English, it hardly seemed worth it!

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