That’s me that is.

From my friend Will who clearly has an eye for the strangely relevant.

I never really understood that question anyway. I mean compared to what? I guess for women it might be Childbirth, but for blokes you’re never going to say more than a 3 are you even if the limb in question is hanging on by a single bloodied ligament.

Ho Hum, it’s the weekend and with my painting arm out of action, it should be a nice relaxing one. Unless riding with Random tomorrow somehow ends up with me elbow down in the shrubbery.

3 thoughts on “That’s me that is.

  1. Dave

    Hah how right you are!

    Somehow when i was doing the physio questions (for a broken back) i managed to say 3 out of 5 for pain….. In my defence it was 3 weeks after the accident, and i thought, well it’s not as painful as when i first did it!

  2. Dave

    i blame the drugs,,,

    the physio guy said (6 mnths later) that if he’d be in my sitaution it would have been a 10 too.

    I still shudder at the memory of getting acupuncture for the first time on it.. ow, ow, ow

    Nevermind the dreams of being in serious back pain, only to wake up in… serious back pain.

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