That’s a worry – Part II

I have an uber rant locked and loaded to fire at Chiltern Profits Railways which ratchets my angst up to a head exploding Defcon 2. Defcon 1 would see me laying about myself with a handy member of staff whilst eating the ticket barrier. so I’m hoping never to get there however hard they push.

And man they are pushing hard after the cleaner unplugged their state of the art IT system resulting in them losing zero revenue and a couple of hundred of us losing about an hour of our day, queuing behind a very stupid man armed with a belligerent attitude and a blunt pencil. That was us with the attitude and him with the pencil.

And behind that an ode to faffing, some gory stories you’ve probably already seen in a snake bites crocodile kind of scenario, another epic on a wind based theme and some scrawl I wrote on the train while drunk that seemed amusing at the time.

But you’ll have to wait. Into my traditional stable work orbit have been tossed asteroids and comets creating an unplanned effect we astrophysicists call “wobbly”. Until I can de-wobble my life or – in preference – harm those whose idea of a deadline is one they dream up in the bath, then it’s all going to be a bit quiet.

I just hope the ranting release valve gets hit before the Snailway company encompass all things incompetent one more time. They will be violence or at least heavy sarcasm towards those responsible.

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