That hurt a bit.

Chilterns 2007. Ibstone., originally uploaded by Alex Leigh.

But I think it hurt my friend Martyn (pictured) a bit more.

A great ride taking in everything I love about riding in the Chilterns. Including chasing some lambs at “ramming speed” but the less said about that the better.

Lots of lush and Cheeky singletrack, including one involving walking the bikes through a busy Churchyard. Fast and grippy downhills on a choice of flint, chalk, dirt and roots. Many uphills in which the BBC3 Gear (Granny – Granny – everyone secretly likes it but no one admits to using it) was absolutely required. A fresh pair of legs half way round wouldn’t have gone amiss either.

Cold beer and hot BBQ’d dead animal to finish. I didn’t even need a shower, because on returning home, the family turned the hosepipe onto me. Possibly smelled a bit?

There’s so many places to ride in this country. Many of them have greater technical challenges, bigger views, less people and virtually limitless opportunities for limb removal. And that’s all well and good but sometimes just getting out and riding with your friends until your legs stop working is about as good as it gets.

Much 🙂

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