Taxation: The scourge of the drinking classes

I have no problem with direct taxation. No really it satisifies my wishy washy liberal thinking.

The goal is wealth distribution between rich and poor. And a laudable goal that is. In my experience that’s all it is with the rich paying accountants to get richer and the poor getting screwed by the evil of indirect taxation. And what’s left is spunked away with such grandiose incompetence it takes your breath away. According to a friend of mine, we’ve doubled the spend in the NHS within the last 8 years. Is it just me thinking well where the fuck did all the money go then?”

And after direct taxation, we get national insurance and then council tax. And then Car Tax, Airport Tax, VAT (originally a post war tax to boost regeneration capped at ten years), tax on Fuel, tax on books, etc.

The fuckers get you coming and going. And yet as minority shareholders in this incompetent monolithic organisation, we have no vote or right of reply. Oh sure, every four years there is beauty parade that parodies an enterprise AGM, but it leaves me cold and disenfranchised. With less than 40{45ac9c3234d371044e23e276755ef3a4dde8f1068375defba7d385ca3cd4deb2} turnout, we’re our own worst enemy but nowhere on the ballot paper does it say “none of them, I’d like a beneveolent dictatorship”

Your vote is essentially worthless and even if a change of talking heads appears to offer representation, this is merely a honeymoon period where talk is cheap and taxes continue to be expensive and misused.

I remember why I don’t do politics. I can get enough of this impotency feeling at work.

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