Take two bottles into the shower….?

… Or just the one keg

Imagine joy unconfined on seeing this officially stamped on the changing room door this morning.

Flickr image

Apologies for the shonyphone image but taking pictures outside of the toilets can soon get you the type of reputation that does not guarantee future employment. But the prospect of a beer flavoured wash and the possibility of being officially drunk on duty elevated me above a ground state of sweaty, annoyed and damp. Sadly all was not as it seems and my reward for a pant dragging headlong plunge into the shower shouting “Unleash the Beer” was merely boring H20 with no happy additives.

Talking of things not being quite what they seem, today I attended a workshop with some of our Human Resources clones. There was much to joke about that is food, drink and probably a fine after dinner cigar for the hedgehog, but I can’t repeat it. I just can’t – see that bit about above ^ about future employment? It’d be one of those.

I did learn something though. For example, it’s no longer personnel. And it’s gone beyond human resources, now we’re all fully synergised with the human capital team. I’m not quite sure how I feel about that but it was almost an alien experience dealing with many, many people who I honestly thought were responsible for only hiring, firing and providing a bit of warning if the building was about to explode.

Apparently this isn’t the case; the fire drill is the responsibility of the facilities group whereas theft of stationary falls under the remit of this never ending procession of similarly dressed, strange acronym speaking, borg like flange who make up this much maligned business function. Must be like dealing with IT if you’re a normal person. Very odd.

Anyway, I retired before being volunteered for anything I think and such is the deficit in the karma weather bank that my entire ride home was best categorised as gopping, bloody wet. I’m going to be needing those Ale Showers if it doesn’t get better soon.

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