Another new word is squeezed out from the grumbling backside of the hedgehog. It’s not rude although phonetically it could be. But in the same way that ‘Stiction’ is a clever coming together of Sticky and Friction, Strapathy combines Strategy and Apathy to describe an approach to life of not doing much at all.

Not the case with work unfortunately, but my riding motivation has ground to the kind of halt that can only be shifted by explosives. Post Scotland, I’ve found many and varied better things to do including looking out of the window at the rain, sitting in front of the computer while it’s raining, and watching the talking heads on TV discussing the flooding. I believe my lack of interest may be linked to the fact that, only this morning, I was strolling on the banks of Lake Tallet. A vast expanse of water created in our garden/car park by four solid days or torrential downpours.

But it’s more that that, I really can’t be arsed at all. And that’s a bit of a worry as at no point in the last six years have I missed three consecutive weeks of riding. Until September 2008, and unless I can drag m sorry butt out this evening, it’s hard to see where that’ll end. Summer 2009 maybe? Depends if we have one.

In the meantime I’ve updated the bike page which took a while, and the choice cuts of hedgehog which didn’t.

Even that was only slightly more interesting than surfing for “Labrador sleeping pills“. Apathy is Strategy, you know it makes sense.

8 thoughts on “Strapathy

  1. I was reading Tom Levell’s site the other day ( and for a brief moment I was jealous of the fact that he still does that thing called mountain biking, irrespective of the weather. Briefly I was even a little jealous, before my conscience reminded me that I’ve been getting piss wet through on the commute twice a day pretty much everyday since I came back from the Alps.

    To be honest I don’t have the motivation to ride trails that I know will leave me and a bike covered in mud and I’ll end up cold and wet and wonder why I ever came back from Europe. There’s even less motivation when there’s no incentive. It’s not like the appeal of going riding currently holds any more excitement than sitting in front of a computer or trying to remember how to put back together the perfectly serviceable car that you bought two weeks ago and took apart. Still at least in the case of the latter, I haven’t had to resort to using a hammer…yet 🙂

  2. Alex

    I read Tom’s blog in a mix of admiration and horror. I just can’t imagine wanting to ride that much, especially in shitty weather.

    He seems to need to ride almost as often as I need a beer 😉

    I’ve worked out how to stop getting soaked on my commute. I’ve been taking the car.

    But the BBC predicts 5 days of no rain for here which means

    a) The poor bloody farmers might get the harvest in
    b) It’s probably a lie designed to cheer us up.

    Good luck on your trip Nick. I’ve sacrificed a bottle of beer to the weather gods for you.

  3. Andy

    and my names Andy, I’m a cyclaholic and it’s been 10 weeks since my last mtb ride. At least until yesterday that is when this weekends Merida entry prompted a short dalliance with the dirt. It was rubbish.

  4. Alex

    We should form a club 🙂 That’s what I have felt like beating myself with. There’s more of such nonsense up there…

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