Sprouts was it?

Ask any cyclist what they hate most about being outside and the answer may surprise you. Especially if your interviewee is the autistic nut-job who launches into a breathless lament of the worst day of my life was the closure of the sturmley archer factory, and the ensuing shortage of left hand threaded thrust bearing reducers.

For the rest of us, it’s a toss up between rain, cold, murderous motorists and wind. Yet it’s easy to get warm and stay dry if you’re prepared to spend big on rustley technology, and death by driver is merely a background hum to the seasoned commuter. But wind is a bugger, it takes you up the arse and then throws itself back in your face.

This morning, it felt like Autumn, chilly start, blustery conditions and a sky crucible forging incessant moisture from leaded light and steel coloured clouds. When the wind finally swung behind me, it was worth a good couple of gears and for a pleasant interlude I was a sail.

The problem with tailwinds, of course, is they beget headwinds in the opposite direction, so I’ll be having an early evening cocktail of swirly rain, slippy roads topped off with a 20 MPH front facer.

But in the cheery optimism of the significantly medicated, I’m going to pretend this is good training for when the weather gets really shit. Although, it is of moot relevance as to whether such efforts will help me drive the car. Which is “ in a nutshell “ my transport strategy post October.

5 thoughts on “Sprouts was it?

  1. Ventile isn’t a rustley fabric, but then it’s not particularly waterproof either. I have a big rant brewing on that one.

    This morning it was crisp and fresh like it usually is in September or early October. Warm golden sunshine that heats your skin, but that cold edge in the air that makes you feel so alive.

  2. Alex

    My commute was a slightly less crisp stumble downstairs, inhale coffee, wander up to barn in shorts thinking “eek, that’s a bit bloody parky”

    I’m going up north later where the weather is apparently warmer. Has that EVER happened before?

  3. Couln’t agree more. Rain is mere bracing dampness. Cars are something to play russian roulette with. But wind is a bastard.

    You go out for a twenty miler, but feeling like a young God, buoyed by your fitness and unusual speed you keep going. Only to turn round and discover that you’ve been artificially assisted, you’re now 5 miles farther from home than you intended and you’ve a complete bastard of a headwind to get back into. Young God my arse, you’re now a decrepit fat-knacker who’s overcooked it.

  4. I have no idea what you’re talking about Nick. I never ride with the wind, always into it. I was once out for a very nice ride when the wind picked up. Ho hum. I came to a section of road, where the road looped round a farmhouse in a big ox-bow style loop, traversed through almost 180 degrees. Did the wind blow in my face throughout the entire loop and therefafter? You betcha.

    I agree wholeheartedly though, wind is the killer, everything else is fun.

  5. Alex

    Apparently the answer is a recumbent. For which, can only offer this: “It must have been a bloody silly question”

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