Satorial Elegance

I think you’ll agree that there’s almost no social occasion where these much sought after trousering garments would not add both class and sophistication:

Sadly the pants are not included but this bag within a bag means at least I can at least take a shower. Otherwise the smell will lead our hosts nailing up the door in the holiday cottage and shouting “Bring out your dead“.

Obviously armed (legged?) with this cutting edge trouserette of choice, I’ll be fighting off the women with a stick. It’s hard to believe they’ve yet to hit the cool club scene in London yet.

I’m thinking of myself as a fashion trailblazer 🙂

2 thoughts on “Satorial Elegance

  1. Mark

    Ahh, the old “Limbo” bag. Beloved by our family on holiday for several years. Son fell down whole flight of stairs and bent forearm over table edge at the bottom, all one week before holiday. One year later, daughter fell from monkey bars in playground and bent upper arm above elbow, all one week before holiday. I can confirm that Limbo bags are bodyboard- and Devon surf-compatible.

    Nice primrose-yellow cast, though…

  2. Alex

    Not my leg either! If the hospital had decided my injury required a plaster in that location, I’d have been off for a second opinion and a quick run round with a chainsaw.

    The “leggy condom” as it became known passed the shower/pool tests with flying colours. Best 10 quid I’ve spent since Tesco had a 3 for 2 on some cheeky Chardonay.

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