Right now I’ll be writing later..

… so much drivel to share, so little time to do it. Can someone have a word with my boss who has loaded up a new e-mail rule entitled “forward difficult and time consuming task to Alex, he’s clearly a man with too much time on his hands

As well as my robustly argued treatise on the importance of pissing in a compost bin, there’s an oblique reference to Joan Armatrading and a ruinously honest description of some other thing that seemed incredibly important at the time, but I seem to have forgotten it for now. But they’ll just have to wait for a while.
In the meantime, here’s a picture of a man who has stolen Rupert the Bear’s undergarments.

A poor choice of trouser

Have a fun weekend. I shall be taking the kids to London and, if they continue to behave in the same manner as this previous holiday week, I shall be leaving them there.

2 thoughts on “Right now I’ll be writing later..

  1. Andy

    Methinks you’re just checking I’m still reading, and well yes I am. Although I was a bit behind the curve.

    Harsh and unfair comment methinks!

    If you want something done, ask someone who gets things done!!! 🙂


  2. Alex

    I was only joking. Anyway I like being busy. It makes me feel important 🙂 Obviously I’m not but I still enjoy the feeling….

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