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… if you haven’t already. Here is the Hedgehog’s low tech answer to the BBC’s iPlayer. The “read again” feature has been laboriously updated with the best* of the last quarters delusional ranting placed here. So if the web offers you nothing but doomsday predictions and sex with goats** and skiffle practice has been cancelled, then the Hedgehog offers up reheated nonsense and amusing spellings.

I think of it as electronic recycling. Others may chose different words. To my utter amazement, the bikes page has not been updated. That’s three months gone by and not so much as a single new frame. That can’t be right, can it?

For the briefest moment, I gave real consideration to revamping the site, hiding the archives, attempting a WordPress upgrade to bring the release level to something this century, etc. But after an in-depth analysis of the work involved, instead the ‘cant be arsed’ upgrade was installed and I’ve moved on.

Talking of updates, let me share with you everything that has happened around selling this house and buying the other one. <---- that whitespace lists progress over the last month. Maybe we should sack it all off and move to the south of France. Some good riding there, I've heard πŸ™‚ * Possibly not the most correct use of the term, but I felt worst was damaging to my already low self esteem. ** That's about the limit of my surfing ambition, the second merely in the spirit of balance πŸ˜‰

2 thoughts on “Read all about it..

  1. Ian

    Ahh.. the can’t be arsed upgrade, I’m on CBA Ver 3.4.1 at the moment, it’s ironed out some of the problems of earlier releases, the justification creator has a far easier interface and I’m getting to grips with the headinthesand plugin..

    Talking of riding Al… the forest awaits? ;o)

  2. Alex

    As do the solicitors, Ian. I’m not an expert but it would seem that to pass the bar, one much show aptitude for doing nothing and charging for it.

    We’ve issued some ultimatums. They’ve ignored them. Apparently next week we’ll see some contracts. And my campaigning to have Yorkshire to be declared capital of the world will also be successful.

    I hope that forest is patient. I certainly am not.

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