Pinkled Hedgehog

After all the really quite hurtful comments lately on the pinkness, or otherwise, of a recently acquired bicycle, the site theme is now standing shoulder to shoulder with Roger. Or possibly Rogera and maybe that it is Sisters Doing It For Themselves or Girl Power I’m thinking of.

It is properly horrible but this is all your fault. I may have been laughing but I was crying inside. And since I’m being dragged away from the umbilical of the Internet for a couple of days, it’s going to be a fixture for a while at least.

It’s got a certain something hasn’t it ? 🙂

9 thoughts on “Pinkled Hedgehog

  1. Glad I normally only view your stuff through google reader!

    on the subject of pink bikes I witnessed a courier with possibly the pinkest fixie ever yesterday, pink frame, pink aero rims and pink grips.

    Nice (not).


  2. Niall

    Have you ever seen the pink Gusset pedals in the flesh? I saw a pair at my LBS yesterday (, plug plug) and they are quite possibly the brightest colour I have ever viewed in my life.

    Go on, you know you want to 😉

  3. Alex

    YeGads. It’s even worse on a big screen. Definitely a keeper 🙂

    Fondant Fancies Dave? That’s a guess not a proposal by the way !

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