Old Kona, new paint job

Old Kona, new paint job, originally uploaded by Alex Leigh.

Arrived today in the midst of a work crisis so deep they’re calling it the “UK Trade Deficit”. I just had time to insert non boingy fork into lovingly repainted frame before spending most of my evening driving to Swindon.

Not for work, to offload the roadrat to a very nice man who has absolved some of my new bike buying guilt, by taking an old one off my hands.

Already the Kona is showing it’s age with a noticeable lack of cable stops that shall require my best shed-bodgery, or a load of white gaffer tape. I’m not in a huge rush to build it as the tyre clearance does not suggest awesome mud performance.

In fact, after last weeks slopfest in the Forest of Dean, I’m considering a switch to tracked vehicles until light again becomes a feature of the hours post 5pm.

Right I’m off to search eBay for a turn of the century mallet. It’s important to respect the age of a thing. As I keep trying to explain to my kids….

3 thoughts on “Old Kona, new paint job

  1. DanLees

    There does appare to be chuff all clearance at the back of old Konas. Mine has had a tiny 1.8 Fire XC pro in the back before to make a bit of space for slop and grime. Less than ideal…

  2. Alex

    Dan I think you may be alluding to a problem that I might not have. Mud? No. Anywhere you’d need a fat tyre? No. Riding to the pub, with the kids, on sun kissed summer singletrack? Yes.

    And for looking at 🙂

  3. Mr Sparkle

    Got a pair of the original bronze coloured P2’s that should go with that year of frame, if yer interested…

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