You could buy a camera for that…

Having invested (a word that has oft entered my vocabulary when explaining fiscal sleight of hand to those less skilled in the art of complex financial transactions) in a keenly priced pre-loved digital SLR, it was – of course – only a matter of days before it became the platform for expensive upgrades.It’s good to know that the “all the gear, no idea” approach to Mountain Biking which has served me so averagely was seamlessly transferred to yet another expensive hobby.

To replace the perfectly adequate 18-55mm lens which arrived as part of the deal, I spent/spunked/wasted invested around seventy quid more than the entire purchase price of the camera bundle on a shiny new optical placebo. This lens is better is so many varied and expensive ways, it’s hardly worth mentioning that in terms of focal lengths, it is about the same.

But the “aspherical glass with 13 elements in 9 groups virtually eliminates chromatic aberration and a pass through aperture of f/2.8 along the entire length of the zoom ensures perfect composition and world peace“. I know this to be true because it plainly stated it on the marketing material.

I am more disturbed with my choice of subject since after chasing sweaty men dressed in figure hugging lycra through steamy, dark woods the other evening, now I am reduced to taking pictures of flowers. But it was – as seems to be the ground weather state for Spring/Summer 2007 – pissing down with rain so even a girly rose shot was elevated over taking pictures of the back door. If you catch my drift 😉

I intend to give it a proper outing tomorrow during a father’s day visit to Chicksands. I expect this will save me having to ride much, or – if I must – then I can test the efficacy of this mightly lens under fluorescent light in Bedford A&E.

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