Marginal Madness. Added dog.

VCA 2010 RACE RUN from changoman on Vimeo.

This appears to be a man riding extremely fast on the absolute cusp of painful stackery, all while wearing a suit. Probably just the sort of thing most of us would have a crack on during an otherwise boring lunchtime.

He’s got a mate as well who is slightly less sketchy, but still has to somehow not fall down a 100 steps at a million miles an hour, with two thirds of bugger all clearance on both sides.

Then, he too is attacked by a dog that is either deaf or rabid. Probably both.

This was very similar to my ride last night. Except for the terrain, sun, warmth, absence of darkness and skills on display. The “nearly crashing” part was all there. As was the ice and freezing cold winds. If this is some kind of cosmic weather joke, I’d just like to say IT’S NOT FUNNY ANY MORE.

Right back to work. Too much of it currently.

2 thoughts on “Marginal Madness. Added dog.

  1. Dave

    riight, so quite impressive that they didn’t manage to stack it into any of those lamposts, handrails or other solid street materials. Checking out the other guy, his jump mid-way down the 100 or so steps seems somewhat ballsy!

  2. Alex

    I watched it a few times. At no point did I stop going “arrrghhh” and “ooooohhh”. Balls the size of coconuts.

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