Look at me!

Apparently I haven’t updated the “hedgehog hunting” and “what bikes do you own today Al?” pages for bloody ages. Well I have now and that’s an hour of my life no-one is giving me back. Selected entirely on “most read” stats because otherwise I’d have to read them all again.

If you want to read a proper magazine, check out Singletrackworld which was so desperately short of content this month, they published an article I wrote for them late last year 😉

I feel the urge to mess with the site theme as displacement activity for a painting experience so vast we are praying for a re-incarnation of Michaelangelo. If you want to make a man happy for a day phone a painter and decorator, if you want to make him miserable for life, give him a paintbrush 🙁

2 thoughts on “Look at me!

  1. I’ll need to read that then. DIY is horrible, I had to do floor tiles over the weekend which is pretty crap, but doing tiliing well can be pretty satisfying. Not that I do it well.

  2. Alex

    Floor tiles? No I’m not allowed near anything so technical. I’ve been reduced to re-painting the big shed with cheap Culprinol product, after spending a fortune and half of last spring covering it with an expensive finish that started out looking as Orange as David Dickenson and is now falling off.

    Carol told me to go with the cheap stuff first time. So not only am I having to repaint it, I’m eating humble pie at the same time 🙁

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