Living in a tent…

… living in a canvas tent. Nineties hit? C’mon, C’mon. Artist and Title. Here’s a clue, they were one and the same. I want to whinge about my complete failure to complete my commute this morning, but it’ll have to wait. The reason being my annual appraisal awaits, which means lies, more lies and the chicken suit.

In the meantime, I found this on STW. It’s a blog from a man who has gone to great lengths to pay off his debts. He has sold his possessions, moved out of his house, and is currently located in tented accomodation somewhere in the South East. It’s amusing, and you cannot read it without doffing a cap with respect.

Right time to talc up 🙂

3 thoughts on “Living in a tent…

  1. nickc

    Livin’ in a Box, by Livin’ in a Box…..they don’t make ’em lik’ tha’ an’ mor’…(that’s worn out that joke…)

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