I was compiling a list on stuff that a man entering his forty first year should have done, dusted and consigned to the bin of youth. But it was too damn depressing so instead, I’m amusing myself with a virtual cabinet reshuffle of the bikey herd. Maybe the big, old bull has to go to make way for something a little more frisky, crafted in titanium. Or should a couple of the lesser lights be dispatched to a better place where they may get some use.

It’s not very amusing really and I’d probably be out riding if it weren’t for the pissing rain.

I know, I’ll go and have a beer instead. In the meantime, here’s a picture of a cow.

Hamb1208 (3)

I think this may be the start of an expected breakdown 😉

2 thoughts on “Listing

  1. Tim

    Al in ‘hmm, its a day ending in ‘y’, time to buy a bike’ shocker. Not. 😉

    Riding Chilterns with JD and co on Sunday if you’re around (and the somme hasn’t returned…). Starting @ Hughenden sometime for some riding somewhere…

  2. Alex

    Man of my age, too old to change his spots now 😉

    Sounds like a good plan, I *think* I’ve probably got a bike to ride even without buying a new one!

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