Jon Gets Mad

I’m happy to plead guilty to raging against the misogyny of the average
car driver and his get off the road, you don’t pay any bloody road
tax nonsensical tirade. Normally a single digit response or the
removal of a wing mirror asserts my point of view but Jon (Samuri) has
put together a splendid rant against the motoring classes.

OOoh, I’ve finally decided to write a proper post about cars vs
cyclists. There’s so much anti-cyclist shite being gandered about
by the media and on the internet that I thought I’d do a bit of
research. To wit: your average anti-cyclist car driver (which in my
experience, is pretty much all of them [there you go, I stereotype
drivers, I’m as bad as them]), have a severe problem with
cyclists using *their* roads, seeing them as unsuccesful, dangerous,
aggressive law-breakers who just slow everyone down.

Cyclists should pay road tax (whatever the fuck that is), insurance, pass a test, stopjumping red lights and get off the fucking pavement. I’m not sure
which bothers me most to be honest, the quite sad fact that we’re
surrounded by so many idiots who rant away without ever bothering to
think about what they’re saying, or the fact that cyclists are
all grouped together, one cyclists rides like a cock, ergo they all
must be cocks.

I’m going to try to address each point in succession. This
argument is clearly as pointless as trying to collect wasps with a
spoon but it’ll make me feel a bit better

Read Jon’s arguments here and then maybe send him a drink or some calming music 🙂

2 thoughts on “Jon Gets Mad

  1. John HV

    Funny you should champion this.

    I read it a few days ago & thought he undid his own arguements with exageration & his usual untempered rage, which is funny but doesn’t really counter the impression of enraged, irrational cyclists (if there were any risk that anyone other than the converted would be reading it anyway).

    And I thought you would make a much better job.

  2. Alex

    “impression of enraged, irrational cyclists”

    Yep, that about sum Jon up! (although to be fair, I’ve never met the fella in the flesh so to speak)

    I’m not sure I would make a better job. I find myself composing a rational argument and within two lines degenerating into “there all a bunch of arses” which doesn’t really add to the debate mainly because it’s wrong. But I think riding in London turns you into some kind of cycling fundamentalist and you’re not at home to “Mr Rationale”.

    Anyway, I’ll champion anything that makes me nod or makes me laugh and in this case JW did both 🙂

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