Jet Sage…

From nutter blog

… visionary or nutter? Here is yet another evolutionary branch of the genus bicycle, apparently designed for the sole purpose of inhuming the rider in all manner of interesting ways. Once the jet engine is fired up, speeds of 75MPH can be attained even if a steering axis cannot. This instrument of wheeled death could travel for literally yards before impacting something hard, spikey or both.

Failing that it could just explode and it’d be all flesh coloured tarmac and identification by dental records. Check out the video on this link and marvel at the commercial nous of a man that not only builds these but schleps them out on fleabay.

Every time the world seems to finally make some kind of sense, a kind soul fills my inbox with the truth that it really doesn’t.

5 thoughts on “Jet Sage…

  1. Debra

    Where can I buy one? It looks as though it would properly dispatch me into a cement wall. The way I feel these days that would be a relief. I used to have a life then it all went away. My fiance, my friends, my family. I’m all alone. I ate myself into a jaba the hut look-a-like. It’s been ten years. I’m tired, I’m lonely, I’ve just decided i want to join the living once again but I don’t remember how.

  2. Alex

    Debra – I don’t know if you’re a real person. But, if so, I think you may have found the motherlode 🙂

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