Internet searches…

… are extremely useful when you need to find something out or make something up. But in the same way that “Converting a Vacuum Cleaner to a Sex Aid” solicits a million responses of which almost zero are useful*, searching for “Things to see in New Zealand” returns only the odd useful nugget. And since that’s about 10 pages behind useless sponsored links, I’ve generally mosied off to the beer fridge before getting there.

So help me out here.


We arrive in Christchurch – assuming my limited conflict management skills in customs don’t get us deported – and collect the big family bus for 14 days. 10 of these will be spent on the South Island and four to rendezvous with a hire car at Auckland.

Milford Sound, the Maori museum in Wellington, a drive up the West Coast of the South Island and a stop at Picton before the ferry are all penciled in. I’m trying to keep driving down to a max of three hours a day and there are clamors from the lower orders for Whale watching and swimming with dolphins. Carol wants the whole thing to be as interesting but stress free as possible and – apart from Jet Boating which I have to try! – I’m happy as long as the beer is cold.

So if I search the intellectual might of H(edgeog)Oogle, what am I offered?

* But does mine a rich vein of specialist web sites. Or so I’ve been told.

6 thoughts on “Internet searches…

  1. It’s been over 10 years since I was in NZ, but the South Island West coast glaciers are a MUST-do (Franz Josef and the other one whose name escapes me) and Rotorua in the North Island was awesome too 🙂

    Oh & jet boating was ace too, good choice!

    [Oh & dare I ask what’s going on with the Wanga?!! 😉 ]

  2. Alex

    I’m not getting hung up on mileage. As long as there is beer at the end of the day, all will be well. Which, right now, it’s not.

    Mainly due to work, house, last holiday bits and a moment of feel-good wine surfing that has ended up in a cut’n’shut two bikes into one situation.

    Obviously it’s complicated. And obviously – because I’m involved – it’s even more complicated than that. More when I have time. But let’s just say the Wanga stands me at over£50 for one ride. And that’s bonkers.

  3. Doug

    Just remember that NZ’s roading system is the product of the good old days when the easiest route was to cut into the banks of the river to get the horses through… Our “State Highways” are generally the same as UK B roads, with the odd exception of a two or maybe even three lane highway near main cities. Both of them. State Highway One still contains many “one lane bridges” which is like finding a hairpin bend on the M1…. A good day’s drive in NZ is about 250km. After that you’re knackered.

  4. Nig

    Ahh yes, those one lane bridges where you sometimes share the lane not just with oncoming cars but oncoming trains too. Great for practicing blind reversing at speed… in a mutated truck/caravan 🙂

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