Internet Exploder

It cheers me to see that Microsoft have been forced to abandon their masterplan of uploading IE 7 whether you wanted it or not. It’s a shame the choice you’re offered isn’t a little more real world honest though. Instead of some anodyne “Internet Explorer 7 is ready to install, do you wish to continue?”, surely it would be better to offer “Do you want yet another piece of bloaty Microsoft code on your machine or would your rather load up a proper browser instead? Click OK to load Firefox or “I’m a bloody idiot” to continue”

Maybe it’s a change for the good. Do you think we can look forward to, for example, Powerpoint asking “shall I stop trying to be fucking clever and just let you draw a box?” or Word presenting an option “Before I randomly reformat your entire document ruining two days work, would you like to save?

For a proper, reasoned discussion on the whole subject of Microsoft Windows, please take a minute to visit the wonderfully abusive unencylopedia. It’s kind of work safe if you’ve an understanding boss.

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