6 thoughts on “If you have any interest in riding bikes..

  1. Ian

    I’ve seen this too.. just incredible bike handling, mind, you’ve ridden with me Al, so you know that I find staying upright impressive! 😉

  2. Yeah we’ve all seen it, come on it’s like so 3 days ago!

    Boy got skillz plus a non uber rock track and a city I recognise means I’ll be watching this a few more times. Great vid.

  3. Alex

    Look I don’t get time nowadays to scour the Internet for interesting content. I just binary chop my inbox and choose anything that makes me go “woooaoaahhh”. You’re lucky I didn’t pick the “OTHER” vid that caused such a response. Terrible thing to do to a horse 😉

    I can ride like that for the first 24 seconds. That hardcore path riding he’s doing. Yep, no problem. After that, I think I need just a little more practice. And probably a new bike.

    Bet he’d be rubbish at riding round muddy field tho 😉

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