I have looked at the UK weather forecast…

…. and I’m not coming back. Three reputable weather sites agree that the low pressure which has brought storms, floods and bloody misery to almost everyone is set to continue for approximately ever.

All this talk of ceaseless depressions is leaving me understandably depressed. Aside from the obvious record rainfall in June, further cheery starts include no day of unbroken sunshine for TWO MONTHS and – in the South East at least – there has been serial rain for the last 33 days.

At least in Winter, we expect the weather to be crap 🙁

3 thoughts on “I have looked at the UK weather forecast…

  1. dave

    come on,, you know this is ‘traditional’ british weather (whatever that is).

    why else would our (your?) style of humour be appreciated unless they thought we weren’t thoroughly depressed from all the bad weather we had!

    anyway it’s doing something for the garden,,

  2. Ian

    flooding it.. that’s what the weathers doing to the garden ; )

    I’m quite pleased though, the rain stopped with us last night to be replaced by the sort of wind you usually see in hollywood films about ill fated fishermen..

  3. Alex

    That wind was more than a little apparent on our final descent into Heathrow. Final being a word that was being increasingly coupled with “seconds of my life”. Even the stewardess’ appeared to be terrified.

    Then the taxi didn’t turn up. More of this later. Next time I’m going by boat.

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