I had a dream

But not in a Martin Luther King way. I spent most of last night dreaming of violent plane crashes and motorhomes plunging down steep sided cliffs.

I’ve decided not to share this with Carol as she is clearly already a women on the edge. After ten years of marriage, I recognise the signs – manic house cleaning, packing and repacking the bags, screaming “Don’t MAKE ME GET ON THE PLANE“, that kind of thing. I like to think that empathy is one of my strong suits so I’ve restricted myself to the odd helpful grunt.

And not mentioning the entire family dying in a flaming pyre of wreckage.

We seem to have packed few clothes but many electronic devices which could be the wrong way round, but this would be a bad time to question the logistical planning of my long suffering wife. My contribution was counting camera batteries and googling “Nicest beer in New Zealand

What’s that I hear? Yes. yes, alright we’re definitely going now 🙂

One thought on “I had a dream

  1. Wife

    You are so lucky I’ve only just read this now, once we’re back. 🙂 It wasn’t my idea to take so many electronic items and you packed your own stuff so ask yourself did we miss anything apart from the proper charger for your phone (if I remember your grumbles correctly) – no thought not.

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