“I don’t like it. It’s too quiet’

Great lines from ‘B’ movies just before the papier mache monster rips the hero’s head off in a totally unconvincing manner. Not much going to get written for a couple of weeks as something’s come up and it’s occupying all my time dealing with it. Maybe I’ll look back on it with amusment. Stranger things have happened.

As Arnie once said “I want to be Governer of California”. Er, no, sorry wrong one “I’ll be back” 😉

Edit: 19th April. I just re-read that and it probably just me being melodramatic. It’s just about stuff that I’m not in control of gettting in front of stuff that I am. Right, that’s cleared that up then 😉

4 thoughts on ““I don’t like it. It’s too quiet’

  1. MarkJ

    hope all’s well Al – sounds ominous.

    If I dont get a chance to say bye before R and I are off, “bye”. Ill drop you a line with a link to our travel blog (once Ive started it :O) – M+R +2x Pompinos across Europe. oh yeah.

  2. Alex

    Cheers Mark. Look forward to it. And all the best for your trip.

    Nick – it’s even worse than that 😉

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