How do they do that?

I want to talk to you all about facebook. But I’m not quite ready as my initial snootiness has been sanded down to mere astonishment by just how bloody addictive it is. Anyway until sufficient mental damping files a placeholder for some meaningful words, here is another conundrum. When did the kids get so old?
Taking advantage of a entire day when the sky didn’t explode, we decamped to the garden for some proper family messing about. And photo-tarts as they are (chip off the old block there), random and verbal performed a grass-exercise (like a floor exercise only soilier) from their gymnastics class. I tell you, it must be their mum where this stuff comes from.

Verbal goes vertical

If I tried that, a devastating chain reaction would be triggered by a collapsing shoulder and likely ending in a month of traction. This didn’t stop them asking if one day they’d be as old and flabby as me. They spared me the adjective ‘useless‘ for which I’m grateful.

It was about yesterday when they learned to walk. I’m going to check the veg for GM content.

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