How could this have happened?

A drunken roam over dusty posts during the last three months show a disturbing ratio of apparent contentment to foaming vitriol. As any fule no this is not how the hedgehog operates. It should be well known that if I could be arsed to fuck about with the site name, it would be transformed into a somewhat more descriptive “thanks for listening, that was better than therapy“.

Normal service shall be resumed soon. God knows, I’m hurtling towards 40, have about three strands of my own hair left, a burgeoning beer gut, an every decreasing riding skill base (coming off a pretty low start) and enough peripheral angst to fill the cargo hold of whatever flying reaper is destroying the ozone layer this week.

Maybe I’ll think some more about my job where the spoon of hurt just isn’t cutting it. I now have to courier in the entire utensil drawer of everlasting pain to my place of work.

3 thoughts on “How could this have happened?

  1. Mark

    Oh, come on now, Hedgehog. Even your “today’s commute was fun” post yesterday was vitriolic.

    However, for grist to your vitriol mill, can I suggest not stopping at singlespeed but going all the way to the fixed funny farm? You know it makes no sense.

  2. Mark

    Since I don’t look like a messenger but sometimes ride a Pompino, I am obviously just mad on a part-time basis. To paraphrase Monty Python, “You’re not even a proper nutter”. Must try harder. 🙂

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