Help me out here.

I am starting a petition for the season of “Summer” to start on May 20th and finish June 13th. The remainder of the crap months between then and September 21st shall be re-categorised as “Wet and bloody miserable“. I assume I can count on your support?

In previous years where Summer is really October with more time for the rain to fall in the daylight, I’ve whinged on incessently about how cold, moist and essentially horrid riding in the rain in. In a departue that owes much to apathy and age, this time around I’ve just given up riding completely. Only once in the last two weeks have I managed to force myself out, with work getting in the way of two night rides and basic bloody laziness gluing me to the sofa the last time out.

I was keen to go last weekend but when it was sunny, I was indisposed with a shovel and a pained expression, and when it was time to ride, it was also time to rain.

I know I have all the kit to ride in the shit weather. I appreciate once you are out there, it’s nowhere near as bad. I fully understand thatn an under-ridden Al becomes an extremely grumpy one, but i look outside and all I see are umbrellas, coats and general misery.

So rahter than man up and get on with it, I’ve gone with a complaint. I think that’s a pretty accurate window on my world right now πŸ™ The hedgehog is bloody annoyed, and needs someone to shout at. Luckily I have children for that kind of thing.

8 thoughts on “Help me out here.

  1. Oh crap. I’m not looking forward to coming back to blighty, rode twice this week with dehydration the biggest worry as the temperature climbed to 34 degrees.

  2. nickc

    Out the other week, I actually shouted “It’s bloody July for fuck’s sake*…Nothing happened, it didn’t stop raining or blowing a gale, made me feel better though. Who’s fault is this?

    *sorry, Al’s Mum

  3. Alex

    Dave I can say – without even the slightest possibility of error – that dehydration is not going to be an issue. I’ve been out with the dog this evening, and our road is tidal.

    I’m sure you can imagine the effect a day of hard rain has had on 250 tons of uncompacted soil. Anyone walking over that is going to have a proper quickmud experience. This is like quicksand only gloopier.

  4. Dave

    See i’m going to go with the welsh option this weekend, which is bound to mean biblical flooding.. still i’m sure it’ll be like having a contant bath and that’s not that bad really.

    i’m trying to be optimistic but it’s really not working.

  5. brad

    We currently have a heatwave, 106 F !! 3 days in a row. Now I just have to worry about overly dusty trails on saturday

  6. Glad to hear it’s not just us up here that are suffering… Peaks last night was moist to say the least… but did lead to much slidey fun πŸ™‚

    Lord alone knows what racing at Cannock this weekend will be like!! …not that the Racing Ralphs are coming off though! πŸ˜‰

  7. Alex

    Sorry NickC got a bit punchy on the delete button. For some reason WordPress thought you were spam. Still it does that to me all the time.

    To summarise Nick’s comments. “July. Rain. Again. Fuck. Sorry”

    Don’t worry about my mum Nick, she’s currently disconnected from the Internet. I believe she shall go back to shouting at people πŸ™‚

    Julian – the ashes are in the bag, rain or otherwise. We’re a bit rubbish, but they aussies are even worse. Result.

    Brad – as my mum isn’t reading. May I just echo Nick’s comment: Fuck off πŸ™‚ Are you still riding?

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