Why pickled hedgehog ?

Unbelievably “IWANTMYLIFEBACK.COM” was taken by some ‘get off your butt and start your own business’ website.

Rather than reaching for a beer and abandoning the project stillborn, I asked each of my kids for the first word that came into their head. “Pickled” grinned the 4 year old. “That’s a stupid word” retorted the lofty 6 year old – forehead creased in thought – before on came the mental light bulb and she seriously offered “Hedgehog”

We considered “Hedgehog pickle” but having plumbed the blogsphere to all the depth 10 drunken minutes can offer, there was more than a serious possibility that intensive goodling may drive extreme taxidurmists to the site. Now I’m up for spiking the hit counter as much as the next blogger but small truffling mammals and sticky preservatives is a line that not even I’m prepared to cross.

So “pickled hedgehog” it was and Lord save me from Meta Searches.

Apropo of bugger all, did you know that every three letter domain name has been taken from ‘aaa’ to ‘zzz’. No, really it has. One day I intend to methodically plough through the whole lot to cement or dispell this urban Internet Myth. Just not on my own time, I have all day at work for that kind of thing.

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