Guess what?

I’ve bought it! Mike is going to brew me up a rear hoop through the alchemetic art of wheelbuilding, and also provide some pre-loved spiky things to attach pedals then legs too. And I have found some brakes in my spares bin that I cannot remember ever owning.

So either I have been “Sleep-Thieving” or a hole has been wrenched asunder in the space time continuum. Smack bang in the centre of the “Jiffy Bag Of Unknown Bicycle Spares“. I’m basically short of just an 8 speed cassette and a 27.0 seatpost. A delve in the grotty aperture of doom still raises enough stuff to build something else.

Assuming that something else needs three handlebars, two saddles, no transmission and just the one wheel. I think we’re into the realms of a unicycle here.

Things left to do? Well apart from carefully build it when all the bit converge on a time poor Al. Tell Carol, really mustn’t forget that bit.

6 thoughts on “Guess what?

  1. Will

    Might have a suitable seat post somewhere in my “Jiffy Bag Of Unknown Bicycle Spares“ I’ll take a look this weekend. If you’ll pardon the question – what length would Sir require?

  2. Will

    Also, if it’s a ’93 or a ’94 it’s a 28.6 seat post – a 27 may go in but I defy you to get it out without much cursing and gnashing of teeth.

  3. Andy

    To save you wasting valuable post-ride time inspecting the RH chainstay I feel duty bound to point out that mine snapped at the downtube/headtube weld… as did Robs if we’re keeping count.

  4. Alex

    The fella selling it tells me it’s 27.0. I shall investigate when it arrives. As for all this talk of snappage, I am choosing to ignore it in the manner of a man having just bought one.

    Changed my mind, it’s going to be 9 speed. I am subscribing to the “less of a shrine, more of a rideable bike” policy of bike building.

  5. Huey

    Will, 26.8 is smaller than 27.0, not 28.6 ;o)
    Andy – yikes, not seen that on a steel Kona – have on a few C’dales around that time tho’.

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