Going, Going…

… Gone.

Half term rapidly approaches and with it some belated parenting responsibilities. So the virtual press of this blog shall lay idle for a week while I re-introduce myself to my kids, and they ask Mummy why Daddy is putting Vodka on his cornflakes. Talk amongst yourselves and, you never know, a week away may increase the quality to drivel ratio of my random ramblings.

Probably appropriate to mention that I don’t have any great hopes of that happening.

In the meantime, two outstanding sites worth checking out

Mil’s http://www.thingsmygirlfriendandihavearguedabout.com/ which I’d read a couple of years ago but lost the link. A friend kindly sent it to me. That’s proper laugh out loud stuff. Ace.

And for those of us who’ve been invited to participate in some superb Nigerian financial opportunity, I give you http://www.419eater.com/ which is scambaiting taken to it’s natural conclusion. Again, ace.

One thought on “Going, Going…

  1. Ric

    There’s some good scambaiting at
    Frank Rizzo and the 419 Zeros
    that shows just how stupid/desperate these scammers really are. An experiment was done using a nonsense generator to compose correspondence with them, and it sometimes carried on for months before the scammer finally gave up!

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