Do you have a few days to spare?

If so, I can recommend Tower Defense which will happily suck around a week from your life assuming you don’t have an addictive personality. Otherwise write off the rest of the year. It’s deceptively simple, but really quite fiendishly hard once you skip the easy level.
From Hand Drawn Games

Build a maze to slow down the “creeps” so you can blast them with your heavy ordinance. The tactics are around maze building, consolidated or distributed armament, placement of air towers and priority of upgrade. I played it about ten times at which point it tripped my talent/boredom threshold. My wife, however, is gunning for the top of the leader board.

Originally recommended by notorious crank breaker Jon over at Samuri who, as an IT geek like myself, has probably already reprogrammed his company firewalls to stop employees wasting their time. But as everyone knows, special access privileges come with network administration. Honestly, it’s the least someone doing that job deserves!

3 thoughts on “Do you have a few days to spare?

  1. Alex

    Late last night, I managed it with 15 lives left. The new bash towers rock, literally! But I’ve retired now – well as soon as I had a quick go on hard 🙁

  2. Jarl

    I have to ask, did you manage to do well with that configuration?

    p.s: beaten it on normal, i’m shooting for “the 100” challenge.

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