Democracy is wonderful.

Yes I appreciate that this sentiment is not consistent with my oft aired views that the only state run government worth considering is benevolent dictatorship. And while it is equally clear that the majority of politicians are power crazy wankers, democracy does have its’ merits.

Chiefly amongst them is the state opening of Parliament. While Black Rod hammers friskily on the door with his, er, rod, the entire Metropolitan Police force seals off the elected Nut House and its immediate surrounds. Except while cones block cars, bikes are waved through and what followed was two miles of blissful traffic free riding.

Silence claimed the road aside from snicking gears and background rustle performed by the leaf ensemble. Four abreast “ racing “ down Constitution hill and then sweeping around onto the Mall with bored policeman waving us on. It’s the first time I’ve realised what a broadway the Mall is, barely constrained by the great parks of central London. It was all really quite impressive as Admiralty Arch hoved into view, before a final sprint ended abruptly when the snarl and angst of motorised traffic reclaimed the streets at Trafalgar Square.

Still it was fun while it lasted. Maybe we could lobby for a State opening every week. I’m sure that the fella would like to exercise his Rod “ black or otherwise “ more than once a year.

2 thoughts on “Democracy is wonderful.

  1. nickc

    One of the “hangers-on” in her Maj’s party during the opening of Parliament is called; (I shit you not) The Malverner Persiuvent Exceptional. Also, One of the Govt. Whips has to present himself at the Palace to be a “Hostage” for the day, just in case the rebellious Currs in the Lower House feel like rebelling against the Crown.

    It all sounds so wonderfully historic and steeped in History, shame then, that most of the cerimony we see today was invented in the 20th century by Victoria’s Son, Edward VII.

    F*ckers, the lot of them.

  2. Alex

    Ah the hotbed of Republicanism burns hot in Brackley 🙂

    You’re right, it’s all bollox and you wonder how the Queen feels reading out legislation that gives Weasily red Ken more power so he can eek out votes in some kind of quasi-green agenda.

    Guy Fawkes had it right.

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