Dead Cats Society.

After many more tears this morning, the old cat was cast off life’s slipway in a fog of lethal cocktails. Carol, understandably a bit upset, sent me a text explaining “going to bury her in the garden and plant a tree“.

I replied back cautioning her to be careful digging burial mounds in the garden, what with all that body excavation going on in Kent. It’ll only take one net twitching neighbor to send in a police airstrike.

Somewhat worryingly, I have just received a message blandly stating “went a bit mad with the shredder but everything ok now“. Does this mean she’s buried the cat AND THEN shredded some waste, or have we fully recycled the poor dead mog into organic bark?

Still as someone kindly pointed out: not many cats get to bark. As an encore, you could cremate it and make it go woof.

And Lo, through the power of comedy, the healing process begins.

I’m stopping now. This post is dead and buried. Or possibly shredded.

11 thoughts on “Dead Cats Society.

  1. Jay

    So, are you now scared that its going to come back and haunt you?

    or is it the other cat you kicked out the window?.. upstairs.. !!

  2. Dave Barter

    Jay, fear not, he’ll have bought a new one within a week…slightly more expensive than the last but no more functional πŸ™‚

  3. Alex

    Oh very droll πŸ˜‰

    The kind of cat I’m looking for would be significantly larger than your normal mog. Longer tail, bigger ears, chases rabbits and barks.

    The technical term for this GM cat is, in fact, a dog.

    Negotiations have opened although I now know how British Leyland management felt back in the 70s. “You want a WHAT? By WHEN?” πŸ™‚

  4. Before you get a dog, we could lend you our 6 month old cocker spaniel for a few days – he’s a great dog but eats anything; like the chainring bolt I dropped on Saturday…

  5. Robert

    Is that ‘lively purple’ in the same way your head is ‘follically challenged’ or I am ‘big boned’

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