Cylogs – a site for obsessives.

Cyclogs has an interesting take on Internet willy waving. As you log daily mileage, your progress (or otherwise) is tracked on a leader board against other members. It’s free, simple to use and annoyingly addictive. As membership increases, your own personal standing falls so I’ve plummeted from the vertigo inducing heights of the top 15 to a more realistic mid 50s placing.

There were four riders within two miles of my total and we’re leapfrogging each other most days. One guy though has left the gravitational pull of our cluster and is accelerating outwards to the top 30s with suspicious velocity.

Surely he’s not cheating? I mean what is the point? Any shallower and people’d mistake him for a teaspoon. I adopted a lofty moral position stationed firmly on high ground for at least a couple of days before being driven to action.

I emailed the fella asking what his route was. Then I checked it with three mapping programs and “ in desperation “ some string and a ruler. Still convinced that his distances are mendacious works of fiction, I’m considering requesting an OS overfly. Some friends have told me this smacks of obsessive behaviour “ what’s wrong with these people? Everyone “ except me of course “ is so weird nowadays.

Oh and my London commuter singlespeed cross dressing jump bike has developed a creak somewhere in the transmission area. I’ve tried tightening up the cranks and ignoring it. But it’s getting worse. I’m wondering if completely catastrophic failure will soon insert itself painfully into my journey to work

5 thoughts on “Cylogs – a site for obsessives.

  1. Jey Barter

    Al, for a joke I entered my rides into this website. I was shocked to see that I am now 21st in the leaderboard. Which is very sad indeed given that I didn’t really think my heart was in it this year.

  2. Alex

    Dave. You bugger. I’ve been riding every day and am still slipping miserably to 60th place with no sign of any improvement. This shows that you are a super fit committed roadie and I’m a slack assed MTB commuter 🙂

    Go for a top 3. At least you’ll get one podium place this year 🙂

  3. Nug

    I’m racking up an impressive number of airmiles and loyalty card points at the Frog & Rosbif pub (I kid you not). Do these count?

  4. Alex

    If it doesn’t, it should. I suggest you drop them a mail 🙂 Anyway I’m up to 54th and that’s after a weekend of being leapfrogged by bloody roadies and their 100 mile club runs. Makes my 10 miles at Swinley look a bit rubbish 🙁

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