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More laps, more food, more beer, more stories, more pain, more is it over yet?

I’d like to say we’re ready. Which isn’t a total whopper if you suffix it with “as we’ll ever be“. Nigel has unearthed some terrifying mobile fire going by the name of “Chernobyl“. It’s a fiesty old stove neatly circumventing any safety regulations on the exceptional grounds it is a recognised antique. It runs on a cheeky combination of paraffin and eyebrow hair – at least they were the flammable ingredients that set fire to Nigel’s house during pre-event testing.

Jason is bringing a rebuilt bike accompanied by bowels of pasta and an assortment of beverages. I will be packing the car with everything I own including spare tyres, an extensive toolkit for other people to expertly spanner with and a crate of beer. Dave will rock up with his Shoreditch combover and a mobile phone glued to his ear. I haven’t had the heart to explain that the nearest thing to digital communications in the Mendips is the postal goat.

I have unearthed the tent of extreme frustration and will spend many hours trying to build it before giving up and sleeping in the car. I’m also planning to take two bikes. That’ll be one for each lap then 😉

Right, well much to do before packing, panicing, re-packing, getting Carol to help and then sitting on the M4 while pre-ride drinking time ticks away. I’m taking the camera so prepare for Flickr overload come next week.

Oh and a belated thank you very much for all your generous donations.

5 thoughts on “Clic for more

  1. MikeD

    There’s a pretty impressive radio mast at the top of the first climb. Doesn’t do owt for phones, though 🙂

  2. dave

    hell he might have bowels of pasta once he’s finished the weekend..

    anyway good luck and remember beer is only allowed post race…

    what am i saying?

  3. The Team Metrosexual

    May I pose a question of dubious and capricious etymological curiousity? Being as goats don’t have digits, rather hooves. Does that make the Postal Goat ‘ungulatal communication’?

    Good luck this weekend! Looking forward to the photos!

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