Chip off the old block.

That’s my friends’ best medical diagnosis of the spare nose I’ve grown on my shoulder. On Saturday, under clear skies and with temperatures in the mid 70’s, I should be doing a bit of this.

(C) BikeMorocco (

That’s a trail in Morocco and it’s easily identifiable as “not this country” because water is not cascading down it, the bike doesn’t appear to be weighed down with a tonne of finest mud products, and the sky has something in it other than rain.

Aside from the insanely early flight, this trip has much going for it; great friends, dry trails, a support vehicle that will shuttle you up those difficult hills and a country I’ve never been too. Weighing against this is the shoulder of doubt and its’ worrying nobblyness. Having seen no improvement and less sleep for the last week or so, I see my options as:

1/ Demand an A&E X-Ray and some useful treatment.
2/ Do nothing and hope for the best
3/ Be sensible and don’t ride because the potential for fuck ups are legion.

Problem with 1/ is if they find something cracked or bust, it invalidates my riding insurance. Problem with 3/ is that it is extremely dull. So 2/ it is then with additional camera batteries and patience if riding becomes too difficult and I become “man, tanning on truck”

I’ve been looking forward to this trip through the dark and wet winter months. To say I’m irritated after taking ownership – yet again – of the mantle of mong would be a bit of an understatement.

3 thoughts on “Chip off the old block.

  1. Nuggie

    I gather there are places in Marrakech which sell remedies to take the pain away. We’ll go and visit them on Friday 🙂

  2. Dave Barter

    Two pieces of advice from a Morocan veteran

    1) never eat fish soup that is brown
    2) don’t go there if you are male and have blond hair. The male bit seems to be ignored given the blond hair.

  3. Alex

    Sound advice Dave. I never eat fish anyway unless it’s been assaulted with batter and served up with some mushy peas. And I have no hair, so I’m safe.

    I think this means Jason is buggered. Possibly, literally!

    Nig – right-o, now I am a clean living, non smoking kind of bloke, can you bring some biscuit mix? Happy Jaffa cakes sound perfect 🙂

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