Can I ride my bike tomorrow?

Not me. These rather nattily animated cartoons. Brilliant. And clever too, all done through text to speech which is a shed load harder that it sounds.

Only slightly less amusing was the extremely young Doctor apparently looking up my symptoms on Google this morning. Honestly, get the old fella and you’ll be up to you earlobes in leeches but be nicely ignored by the Young ‘uns and it’s two clicks away from terminal cancer. I wasn’t sure whether to be aghast or hysterical when she openly admitted not being able to pronounce the name of a drug she was on the point of subscribing.

This all for a swollen finger that has has the lumpy misshapenness normally associated with a hammer blow. I’d ignore it as long as I could but once my gloves didn’t fit felt it was time to get the might of the medical profession involved. Not sure I should have bothered now.

Anyone know a good source of leeches? Or should I just hack the bloody thing off?

3 thoughts on “Can I ride my bike tomorrow?

  1. Alex

    🙂 It’s balanced by having 9 working toes and one that seems to have fallen into a coma. This is clearly what feeling old does to you. Or hypochondria.

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