… so no time to tell you how this brave little soldier whimpered through the pain barrier and battled past a non working limb to courageously wrest another beer from the bar. I’m welling up here I can tell you.

Work and a million emails have truncated my day from 8am to now with almost nothing in between, so it’ll all have to wait until things quieten down. I don’t expect it’ll be worth waiting for but, you know, you might get lucky.

In the meantime, there was quite alot of this going on.

And some looking at these:

That’s the mountains, not the Donkeys.

The very short summary is my shoulder is possibly now a little more painful then immediately post spang three weeks ago, my bike broke before I had chance to ride it and at one point, there was the real and immediate threat of a beer drought.

The shorter summary is it was bloody fantastic 🙂

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