Burnt at one end, reamed at the other..

The Bristol BikeFest was a fantastic event. If you like that kind of thing. Which I really don’t. I’ll download the entire theorapy session later but – and this is the last time – I’d yet again failed to detect the subtle nuance between Endurance Racing and Enjoyment Riding.

The bike was great. The course was fantastic. The weather was hot. The beer was most welcome. I hated it after about 3 hours.

Oh and waist high grass, a strong breeze and a hayfever sufferer make not a happy trio.

6 thoughts on “Burnt at one end, reamed at the other..

  1. nickc

    Why do you keep doing these? You realized 3 years ago when you hated D2D that time you did it with Steve. If fact the only one I remember you actually enjoying is the one you missed through chicken pox. 🙂

    At least this one had a jump every lap. That alone must have bought a smile to your face, no? Or were you Marvin-like the entire lap?

  2. nickc

    I just checked the results. You came 82nd with 12 laps.

    Well, it’s not last, which as we all know; is nearly winning. 🙂

  3. Alex

    82nd. That’s about right. Aim low and don’t be disappointed. The jump was good except for the last one when I was proper tired when a a dmr pedal strike went down to the bone.

    I am never doing another one. Not ever.

  4. Well you beat me – I did four laps, including my first lap where I turned up an hour late… 🙂

    Didn’t know you were there Alex, or I’d have heckled you

  5. Alex

    I cheated. I had gears. Almost everyone else cheated more. They had suspension at both ends. The only way you could have heckled me if you turned up late would have been in the bar. 🙂

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