Bugs in the software..

… apparently my version of WordPress is of an age that is no longer well supported since the fire-of-creation went out. Or something like that. I’ve got the Nano-Bots working on it, but we may be off line for a bit !


Lordy that was scary. We’re sort of back but everything has changed in here. I’m all a flutter and more hoghedge than hedgehog right now. I’ll fix it later, it looks like a three beer problem.


I thought we’d have a change of theme, I know of few of you shall be delighted to hear that SnowKnob(TM) is still available. Just say the word on the poll over there. I’ve dumped the tag cloud as it’s so July-2008 in terms of what the current unclothed emperor is wearing, and the flickr widget is currently unwidgeted. I know not why.

For a second the whole thing just expired with a sad “phut”, which could have been a sign that I should crucify electrons no more. But the old IT hammer trick re-started the hedgy heart, so we’ll limp on for a bit longer. This new Admin interface tho, God only knows what’s going on. He may with all him omniscient power, but I’m clueless.

Same old, eh?

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